Tell Miller’s Ale House: PTTS sponsorship not a ‘reel great’ way to make ‘raving fans’


Jack and Claire Miller.

Miller’s Ale House is a high-profile sponsor of the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. It has, in years previous, attached its brand to the notorious Miller’s Ale House weigh boat. The company is not affiliated with the Chicago-based Miller/Coors industrial beer conglomerate – another PTTS sponsor.


Jack Miller talks about giving away free cars.

Miller’s Ale House operates three restaurants in Southwest Florida: Sarasota, Fort Myers and Estero. The Jupiter, Fla. company now has 60 locations nationwide, with all but 13 of these here in the Sunshine State. The first Miller’s Ale House was opened in 1988 by Jack and Clair Miller who continue to remain at the company’s helm. Here’s a video of Jack. (Give your browser permission to run it if prompted,)

Although Miller’s Ale House has apparently scaled back its sponsorship stake in the PTTS, its brand continues to be prominently attached to the tournament. It remains on Save The Tarpon’s boycott list.

The company is generally responsive. Its “guest relations manager” closely monitors and is quick to address critical online reviews on sites such as, inviting dissatisfied customers to privately email their concerns to an anonymous corporate account. Its “locations” page on provides email addresses that can be used to reach out to your local Ale House management with questions and comments about the company’s involvement with the PTTS.

MillersalehouselogoThe Miller’s Ale House fishing-themed motto is “A Reel Great Place to Catch a Good Time!” The more than 15,000 supporters and members of Save The Tarpon will likely never know. Not as long as the company’s brand continues to remain associated with the not so reel great PTTS.

Miller’s Ale House boasts of its “Run It Like You Own It” culture when it comes to its restaurant managers. The chain’s local managment, Miller’s says, has “the ability to make decisions and impact change, right at your own store!” There is some reason to believe that the “decision” to sponsor the PTTS was made locally and, perhaps, summarily endorsed at the corporate level without the proper vetting. Management, with your assistance, now needs to be encouraged to follow through on the “impact change” part of the company’s philosophy. Same with the folks in Jupiter. The city, not the planet.


Team Miller’s Ale House poses for a ‘brag photo’ with its graffed, dragged and hoisted PTTS tarpon. They are having a ‘reel great’ time. The tarpon isn’t.

Use this link to find the Miller’s Ale House outlets in your region. Scroll down to the area below the map of the U.S. Enter your Zip Code. A list of restaurants, especially if you are in Florida, will appear. Each location contains an “Email Us” link. Left click on this link to open a new message in your email program. Or right click to copy and paste the address into your browser-based email application.

You can also reach out to corporate by following this link to a contact page.  You will be prompted to enter a restaurant location found on a drop down menu. Select one. The company monitors these incoming contacts. You can also reach the company by phone at (866) 743-2299. Ask for Guest Relations. Or request to be transferred to Jack Miller’s office. And, as always, be nice.

The company’s mission statement is “All Actions Create Ale House Raving Fans.” Let’s urge Jack and Clair Miller to take a very important action by ending their affiliation with the PTTS and joining their more than 15,000 potential customers who seek to respect, protect and grow the Boca Grande tarpon fishery. It’s an action likely to create a whole lot of “Raving Fans” eager to once again support “A Reel Great Place to Catch a Good Time!”

The Miller’s Ale House corporate Facebook page can be found here. Just in case you feel like wandering by and leaving a Reel Great message.