Andros Boatworks ends relationship with PTTS.

Andros Boatworks

Thank you for listening, Andros Boatworks!

Below please read a statement from Andrew Eggebrecht:

After close to 10 years of fishing the PTTS in Boca Grande we officially resign and will be focusing our efforts on the Worlds Richest “all release” tournament next year in Boca Grande. It was a good run, good times and people we’ve met in the process have been awesome. It’s been our competitive nature as a company and as a family to participate. Recent science is leading to the effects of this style of fishing being damaging to the tarpon. If you’re like me and Boca Grande has been a major part of you’re upbringing you’ll understand this position. I want my children to have the same chance to chase tarpon as I have. As a company with resources we can help keep a fishery safe if we believe in the science and follow proper fish handling in the future. There’s a big argument that many people killed these fish in the past for pictures and I agree it was wrong. No one is doing this now intentionally and we as anglers need to do our part to be responsible. I was proud to fish this series against some great folks and am proud to move on and try something different. Join us next year at the Worlds Richest Tarpon Tournament. If you’re fan of Andros, an owner or a competitor we encourage you to do what you can for our fishery. Compete with us in an event geared towards sportsmanship, education and conservation!

Andrew Eggebrecht
President, Andros Boatworks, Inc.

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