Capt Dave Markett seen using illegal gear in Boca Grande Pass.

And there you have it. Just as Matt had described. The rig in the side rod holder looks an awful lot like the old (and now illegal) Boca Grande Jig.

Professional fishing guide, Capt Dave Markett of PTTS Team Power Pole, has a client use a variation of the Boca Grande tarpon jig. This rig was designated illegal by FWC as “a tug pulls the eye of the from under zip tie and hook point rips from plastic soft body tail…” In other words, a flick of the wrist turns the “new jig” into the “old jig.”


  1. Bill Bishop says

    Is this the same Dave Markett that stood up in front of the FWC commission and gave his “heartfelt” talk about how much he loves and respects tarpon?

    This jig rigged on his rod seems to send a message to the FWC commissioners that he will do whatever he wants to do regardless of the law. I sure hope the commissioners remember this photo the next time Markett walks to the podium to voice his “heartfelt” opinions. So BUSTED!6

  2. Bill Bishop says

    I wonder how power pole feels about their name plastered right next to the snagging outlawed jig. If I was ever to buy a power pole you can bet that’s not the case now.

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