Slaughter Video of Boca Grande Pass Tarpon

Here’s a new video. When you’re finished, you’ll probably be ready to sign the petition to end the PTTS.



  1. says

    That’s NOT jigging, that’s snagging. Jigging uses a lure that looks like what Tarpon eat and moving it in a way to make it look even more like what tarpon eat. In fact if you use a circle hook on the jig there is no possible way to snag a fish, it’s impossible.
    Using lures instead of live bait is also FAR more environmentally responsible. Perhaps some people are snagging, but they why would they call it jigging, no one would know what they are talking about. They would call it snagging. I almost always use lures instead of live bait and I would NEVER snag, use a trot line or any other unsportsmanlike like activity to catch fish. what then point, especially since I don’t eat fish!
    I don’t understand why you are trying make people like me look like people who kill tarpon. I do understand that there are a lot of people angry about people who use artificial in Boca Grande pass because they work better than live baits are less work to gather and they can move through the pass faster than the live baiters. It seems like you are trying to redefine what they do as snagging which is TOTALLY different.

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