Former PTTS sponsors speak out: ‘We personally witnessed the abuse’

Tropical Seas Inc. Letter to Save the Tarpon

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The following letter was sent to Save The Tarpon by former PTTS sponsors Dan and Debbie Knorr of Tropical Seas Inc. and Reef Safe Suncare. The letter explains why they ended their PTTS sponsorship in 2010. It speaks for itself.

In 2010 our company Reef Safe Suncare/Tropical Seas, Inc. was a sponsor of PTTS and during this time we personally witnessed the abuse of the Tarpon by most of those involved in PTTS.

Ranging from the excessive manhandling of the tarpon from the time caught, then dragging them 30 minutes or more to the weigh in scales, through filming, and then finally to their release (if you can call it that) .

All supposedly justified by the DNA swabs and testing being done by FWC. It was obvious that most of these people had no clue how to properly handle a tarpon.

After witnessing the above we were sorry that we were involved, as from the very first event we saw that this was a scheme to make money by exploiting the tarpon as well as the pass. Absolutely no respect for our ocean and its inhabitants!

We can confirm the unethical fishing practices, as well as the unsportsmanlike conduct exhibited by those involved in the PTTS as we saw the disrespect first hand every week.

Long before the 2010 season was over we had had enough of the PTTS abuse of the tarpon and knew we would not return for another year. Reef Safe then shifted to helping sponsor tarpon DNA research through Mote Marine Laboratory.

We further donate a portion of Reef Safe sales in Florida to Mote Marine Coral Restoration project. We do believe in and will continue our support of those such as Save the Tarpon who truly care about helping protect our environment and its inhabitants for future generations.

Best Regards,

Dan & Debbie Knorr
Tropical Seas, Inc. / Reef Safe Suncare

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