New Video from SilverDollarInvestor: PTTS Culture

Special thanks to SilverDollarInvestor for this new video!  Fantastic work!


  1. Terry Sibley says

    Perhaps until scientists can determine the impact on the Tarpon, all tournaments should be stopped. And catch and release only be allowed. Goliath grouper have made a huge come back in the Gulf, in a relatively short time. Snook are looking good now, also. Even scallops are coming back. There just isn’t enough for everyone to take what they want, or even their limit!! If people were not such gluttons, the world would be a better place!

  2. Rick Hirsch says

    This is a very effective tool which will surely help educate the broader fishing and boating public about the disgraceful and damaging techniques used by almost all PTTS boats. I especially liked the highly detailed shots and sub-titles of the gaffing, roping, dragging, weighing and dumping of the tarpon. I hope everyone who watches this vid posts it on facebook and sends it around to any/all online venues. Please remember that most of world is either ignorant of the damaging techniques or has not yet seen the exact details. Post this vid!!! Way to go SilverDollarInvestor!!!

  3. says

    This is not about sportfishing,this is about short term greed and money with no regard for the effects on the future stocks of tarpon.
    As a lifetime member of the IGFA i implore them and all true sports fishermen worldwide to
    condem the PTTS and all the companys who support them.
    Jack Simpson.

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