Guy Harvey Magazine highlights “Battle in Boca Grande”

The newly released Winter 2013 issue of Guy Harvey Magazine includes a six page article by Fred D. Garth discussing the controversy surrounding the Boca Grande Pass tarpon fishery.







  1. Captain Van Hubbard says

    Thank you Billy for telling it like it is! PS This is the man that helped me get my Boca Grande career started back in 1981! I had successfully guided down here in the Pass before but he helped me learn the traditional live bait method that like it or not; could be the least intrusive and best catch and release method ever practiced! We even used needle eye hooks that fell out immediately with our heave gear! He always practiced respect the fish and enjoy the action. Use heavy enough gear and respect the traditional fishermen they were here first!

  2. says

    Take a minute and read this great article about what is going on right here in our own Charlotte Harbor. Please share on your page and bring awareness and support the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce efforts to support Conservation, Education, & Sportsmanship through the Worlds Richest Tarpon Tournament.

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