A letter to the PTTS from a school teacher

(This moving article and letter was submitted to us earlier today.)

As an elementary school teacher for more than 28 years, I have always told my students to follow their hearts in doing what is right for a cause. The awareness that this video has created for the “Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass” is one of my proudest moments and a testimony for all those who have walked through my classroom door. The photos taken that day, tell the REAL truth, because the camera doesn’t lie.

Please understand I am not against tarpon fishing, but against the disgraceful methods of tarpon handling leading to its death. I would like to commend all the people who have rallied to SAVE THE TARPON, the website is outstanding. To those of you who place the VALUE of NATURE over MONEY thank you for standing up to be heard. One by one, the TRUE STORY is told as the video is forwarded to family, friends, and coworkers. In the first 24 hours, when “TARPON was searched” on Google, the movie was at the Number 1 spot. KEEP THIS UP and don’t STOP for this is a testimony to all of you who aren’t afraid to stand up to the bullies and want a better world for our children and grandchildren. Today, I am proud to be an educator of many, in my heart SAVE THE TARPONS be one of my greatest lifelong lessons.

Let’s continue our vigilance for the TARPON! Let the cameras tell the truth.

TO THE PTTS (Professional Tarpon Tournament Series) ….
I was not hired by anyone, I was just an unbiased observer, who happened to have a camera on a public beach, while enjoying this beautiful state I treasure with its unmatched beaches and wildlife.

I didn’t know who you were until this Memorial Day weekend. You have placed blamed on the Boca Grande Guide Association, and others, however I told this story as a concerned citizen who witnessed an event FOR PROFIT that was gut wrenching, disrespectful, and without regard to the HANDLING OF THE TARPON in its habitat, during spawning season, so vital to its existence.

What motivated you to try to block me taking photos of the fish weigh-in? Then, you took pictures of me as an intimidation tactic, however, I already had taken 358 photos, and the camera doesn’t lie.

On this respectful Memorial Day weekend, for the sake of attracting the military audiences, PTTS cowardly hid behind the rouse of the “Wounded Warrior Project”. American and military flags waving off the back of boats and “warriors with rods in hand”. However, one of the military wives I talked to said her husband was on a boat and he was not comfortable with the method of fishing, he said if he wasn’t with “friends” who chartered together he would have taken his family and gone home.

This is another example of misleading the public, the camera doesn’t lie.

When the banner plane flew overhead, and shameful comments began chattering among the boat radios, “…that it was too bad nobody had a rocket propelled grenade, or RPG, handy to shoot the little Piper out of the sky. Someone promptly told them to SHUT UP…people might be listening”.
You were right…and watching…the camera doesn’t lie!

Why did your teams begin to drag the TARPON in on the far side of the boat, away from the viewing crowd on the beach? Because the camera doesn’t lie!

To the FLORIDA Fish and Wildlife Commission… to allow this dangerous “Bumper Boat Derby” weekend after weekend. So dangerous that YOU avoid the swarming of 40+ boats, staying safely on the beach parked next to the weigh boat. There is NO monitoring of FLORIDA STATE “rules and regulations” for the handing of the TARPON at such a long distance from the action. Also exposed is the role that the FWC plays in this FOR-PROFIT event, which obviously needs to be re-evaluated since it’s been reported that TAX PAYERS have been footing the bill for years.

After watching the TARPON SLAUGHTER MOVIE, my 9-year-old students were speechless and had tears in their eyes, they felt it necessary to have their voices heard and started a letter writing campaign to the Governor to stop the mishandling of THE TARPON. These children GET-IT, but the ADULTS DON’T!

Because of greed, profit for sponsors, and TV sporting want-to-be’s…the TARPON were loosing.
But not anymore, the camera doesn’t lie.