Captain Rhett Morris

Capt Rhett Morris

Capt. Rhett Morris was raised on the waters of Charlotte Harbor and the surrounding areas. He has over 20 years of experience stalking fish around this pristine estuary. Rhett got his charter license at a very young age and has made a full time living as a fishing guide for the past 15 years.

He is known far and wide for his undying enthusiasm on the water. Rhett will do whatever it takes to make sure all who fish with him have a great time!  When asked what he likes best about his job Capt. Rhett simply replies, “I love getting the chance to help people create memories of a lifetime out on the water”.

He also prides himself on the fact that if he can not fish with you he will get you booked with one of his top shelf guides. This guarantees that you will have a high quality outdoor experience when dealing with Beyond Borders Outfitters!


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Charter Details

Pick-up Location(s) and/or Boat Dock Location
Burnt Store Marina
Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island
Docks by the Pink Elephant on Boca Grande

Maximum Passengers/Anglers
4 Anglers

Trip Lengths
4 Hours
6 Hours
8 Hours
10 Hours
12 Hours

Trip Time Offerings
Hill Tide

Other Fishing Charters
Inshore Fishing
Backcountry Fishing
Near to Shore Fishing
Shark Fishing[/ba-column][ba-column size=”one-half” last=”1″]

Contact the Captain

Please contact the Captain directly for more information or to schedule your tarpon fishing charter.

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Phone Number


About the Boat

Boat Name
Arkadillion II & The Skinny Ark

Boat Type & Size
23 ft Mako & 23ft Shoalwater

If you have enjoyed fishing with this Captain, please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. Or, send your photos and/or comments to  We would love to hear from you!


  1. Lanny Julian says

    Attn: Rhett Morris

    I fished with you along with friend, Chris Patrick, from London, England, a long time ago. Another of your friends was with us, Karl Maggard, and has also used your brother as a guide.
    We are looking for a half day on Friday, April fourteenth. Please advise. Thanks, Lanny Julian, Lakewood Ranch

  2. says

    Mr. Morris
    Hi, my name is Kris Groover, and though you do not know me at all, you have been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks. You see Mr. Morris, you and I have some similarities and we also have some differences. I too, in my own way, grew up on the water in Charlotte county and it is a very special place to me. It is where my father taught my older brother and I how to safely and COURTEOUSLY operate a boat. He taught us how to fish, how to look for and catch bait, different techniques about different baits, tackle and traps. He also taught us the importance of never taking more than you will use, and to always return what you don’t use. So in a nut shell, pretty much all the things you know how to do.
    Now for the differences. You see a week or so ago I was on vacation down there and saw a small circular that had an article in it about cast net licensing and bait. After reading this article, I just could not get it out of my head and frankly the more I thought about it, well the more I have become determined to do something about it. Mr. Morris I did grow up down there, as a matter of fact, I am blessed that my hard working entrepreneurial father was able to supply our family with a house on the south end of Little Gasparilla Island. A house we still own and enjoy every chance we get. With that my father now has the ability to enjoy watching his great grand children learn the lessons and reap the rewards of the seeds he had sewn, 44 years ago. So you see, I am not some random vacationer that does not know what I am discussing when it comes to the water and Charlotte harbor.
    As for me I have been a fisherman, snorkeler and scuba diver for over 50 years. I currently live on Florida’s nature coast in Weeki Wachee Florida, own a pontoon boat for pleasure and fishing and a sailboat for getaways that include my wife and dog and no one else. So after reading the article I have decided I have had enough of people that want to regulate me out of my recreational fishing time so they can continue to make their income by pushing me out of the way. So I am going to make a proposal to you.
    You say you are worried about the number of fish caught and kept, slot sizes, bait availability, out of water weigh ins and all of that, well if that is true and you think the answer is to have the state regulate it, then lets regulate it all the way. My proposal is that:

    1) 6 pack and commercial fishing guides in the state of Florida may only work 2 calendar days in a one week period. I think this to be something that should be done and regulated by the FWC with very stiff fines for violators to the law. My reasoning for this is that recreational fisherman are lucky to have the opportunity to fish 30 times a year as where you guys fish every day of the week in a lot of cases, so if you are worried about our fisheries being over fished this is one way to reduce the numbers of fish and bait being captured and removed from the fishery.

    2) The calendar days fished by captains and their charters must be Monday thru Friday. This is something that is fair to the recreational fisherman and aids in the conservation of our marine fisheries. I think it should be put into place so as not to overcrowd or over fish an area while recreational fishermen are out.

    3) No 6 pack or commercial charters may keep any of their fish, in water pictures only. While I know you and other captains will scoff at this, this is something that should be law. If you run just basic numbers, you guys help remove more fish than any other group out there. Case and point. If I am on vacation as I just was, have my own bay boat, as I did, my own tackle, as I do, and I get up in the morning and the weather is crappy I am not going fishing. If you’re a charter and you have already paid your $600.00 you are going no matter what and you’re going to remove fish. According to the Florida Fishing Guides Website there are 8700 registered members. That’s 8700 fish a day, multiplied by (lets be conservative) 250 days a year. That comes to 2,175,000 fish a year. And that is if each registered guide catches just 1 fish per trip under current regulation. Catch and release for all charters will help sustain numbers of snook, tarpon, redfish and other species for generations. That is IF what you are really worried about is decaying numbers.

    4) Cast Net Stamps, Good idea. So since Commercial guides take so much more bait than Recreational people lets set it up as a $25.00 tax at the time of purchase from the vendor. That way anyone purchasing a new net contributes to the fund. Commercial guides will be subject to a minimum of $50.00 per year for each net, bait or mullet, each year, and is due when you renew your license. Most of you guys have 3 or more nets so that is an additional minimum of $1,305,000.00 a year you can give to the FWC to squander away on some more useless stuff in the name of mother nature.

    5) Bait pens and holding tanks. Live Bait pens will be illegal Period. None at docks or free floating at remote locations. Holding tanks will only be legal for retail merchants and vessels transporting bait to those retailers for sale to the public consumer. No holding tank may be in operation and holding bait at a property zoned residential.

    Now per your article, I have covered your concerns and have done it with common sense facts and figures. Like you, my family and I have the political connections to start things like this and get them moving. We can take law makers fishing for free same as you and bend their ear. Heck Adam Putman has a house on LGI and we know him personally. So if your really concerned about the fishery and not your own wallet, lets talk and work together to get this started so our kids and grand kids can enjoy what we did when we were young.

    Thank you and happy fishing
    Kris Groover

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