Another one bites the dust: Miller’s Ale House latest to quit PTTS


The Miller’s Ale House PTTS team. Make that the FORMER Miller’s Ale House PTTS team.

You spoke, they listened.

On Monday, March 11 you put out the call for Miller’s Ale House to end its long-standing and high profile affiliation with the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. Just 21 hours later, the company made it official.

“We do not sponsor the PTTS,” messaged Chris Frawley, the Florida-based restaurant chain’s divisional vice president. “We are no longer a sponsor.”

Miller’s Ale House had been a prominent PTTS player through its sponsorship of the notorious “Miller’s Ale House Weigh Boat” and its financial backing of one of the TV tournament’s most “competitive” teams. The company, as of 8:24 a.m. EDT Tuesday, March 12, now joins a list that includes Tires Plus Total Car Care, Costa del Mar Sunglasses, Skeeter Boats, Farlow’s On The Water, Andros Boatworks and other brands that have cut the PTTS money cord.

You did it again. To date, five PTTS sponsors have been the focus of’s “Do The WRITE Thing” campaign, an effort designed to ask companies that have attached their names to the PTTS to “Do The RIGHT Thing” and walk away. Through your emails, your phone calls, your letters and your Facebook posts, all five have pulled the plug on the PTTS. Yes, you did it again.

You can also cross Miller’s Ale House off the boycott list. Your local Ale House restaurant can be found here.  Stop by. And don’t forget to tell the folks there how much you appreciate the company’s swift and responsible decision to end its PTTS affiliation.

The PTTS continues to list Tires Plus Total Car Care and Miller’s Ale House on its “Sponsors” page. Bridgestone, the parent company of Tires Plus, publicly ended its PTTS affiliation last month. A number of team sponsors have also quietly withdrawn their PTTS participation or have informed Save The Tarpon of their intent to do so. The PTTS has also removed Yamaha Motors from its sponsor page and is no longer billled as being “presented by Yamaha.” The company, which earlier pulled its Skeeter Boats division out of the PTTS,  has yet to officially confirm its 2013 status.

The tournament’s remaining name sponsors are:

  • Johnson Outdoors
  • Sea Hunt Boats
  • Reactor Watches
  • The Beached Whale
  • Continental Trailers
  • J.J. Taylor Distributing of Fort Myers (Miller/Coors)

NOTE: Miller’s Ale House is not affiliated with Chicago-based Miller/Coors or J.J. Taylor Distributing. Miller/Coors continues to attach its Miller brand to the PTTS. We ask that you continue to boycott the company’s products. And here’s a little musical something to go with that nice, cold non-Miller brew:


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    Actually, the latest major sponsor ($15,000) to withdraw support from the bend-weighted-hook snag fishing tournament administered by PTTS is The Beached Whale on Fort Myers Beach. The owners of The Beached Whale deserve full marks for not only with-drawing sponsorship from the 2013 “tournaments,” but expending the time and energy required to force PTTS to strike The Beach Whale name from the sponsorship list — something the PTTS does only when there is a threat of legal action, in my opinion and experience.

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