About Us & Our Mission

Who We Are

Stewards of the Boca Grande Tarpon Fishery and
proponents of ethical angling.

Save the Tarpon, Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit corporation created to advocate for ethical angling and promote the stewardship of the Boca Grande Pass Tarpon fishery.  We believe in the use of responsible, conservation oriented fishing and handling techniques by anglers as well as preserving fair and equal access for all users in order to protect this historically and culturally significant fishery.

Our Mission

Protect & preserve the Tarpon and their habitat.

We strongly oppose, and call for the immediate termination of, the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS) in Boca Grande, Florida.  Our opposition stems from the destructive, unethical fishing practices and unsportsmanlike conduct promoted by this six week long, for-profit fishing tournament television show.  We believe the disruptive fishing methods endorsed by the PTTS and employed by its participants are likely causing the Tarpon to change their movement, feeding, and spawning behaviors and is threatening the survival of  the fishery.  The hyper-aggressive culture of disrespect created by the PTTS has, and continues to severely hinder fair and equal access to the fishery by all other user groups for the sole purpose of generating increased revenue for shareholders of the tournament and its associated production.


Officers and Directors

Captain Tom McLaughlin, Chairman

Captain Frank Davis, Vice-Chairman


Norman S. Cannella, Sr

Caroline Rather Clark

Captain Mark Futch

Captain Pete Greenan

Holly Haynes

Captain Van Hubbard

Captain Chuck Jenks

Kevin Kelley

Captain Rhett Morris